Sparkling Still | Quaker Testimonies 69 Quaker Testimonies Quaker Testimonies It has been our experience that new First Day School teachers often ask about books that exemplify one or more of the testimonies: simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality. A caring community has evolved and is sustained. • Changes we work for in the wider world. The testimonies of the Society guided their decisions because they were so much a part of the lives of the members of the founding committee. Quaker Testimonies, Ecological Understanding, and a Moral Economy 2 ecologically sound way of living on earth is being created. on Quaker values became a reality. Quaker Testimonies & Commitments Testimonies The word testimony is used by Quakers to describe a witness to the living truth within the human heart as it is acted out in everyday life. Quakers believe that God wants us to live as good people. (The Quaker Testimonies & Queries For Kids) Our testimonies are the way we live what we believe. These testimonies reflect the corporate beliefs of the Society, however much individual Quakers may interpret them differently according to their own light. In this simple guide here we follow structures used in a Quaker Faith and Practice as we explore the Quaker values in Friends School of Minnesota’s mission. Fruits of the Spirit: Friends Testimonies for NPYM review, 4/18/2016 – page 1 NOTE TO FRIENDS: This draft is a revision of parts of chapters 4, 5, and 6 of the 1993 NPYM Faith and Practice, according to the new outline which gathers all material about a topic (description, quotations, advices, queries) into the same place in the book. • What we believe. we hope that these pages will As a group, we … Faith and Practice—the Quaker title of writings about beliefs and how to live, which Quakers create and revise together. 2 Quaker Eco … Friends testimonies emerge in the intersection of our inward and outward lives. Introduction to Quaker Testimonies was a model for this booklet. Quakers try to do this in many ways, but the six most important ones are described by some people as the SPICES. Testimonies—statements of Quaker principles to live a right life, Add to this, the fact that many Friends have been professionally and personally active in this movement, and the “Quaker contribution” is even more clearly evident. “Testimonies” are what Quakers call the ways we have found to live and act based on our beliefs. They represent an original fire, a revelation of truth which each generation has sought to find again in their own lives. Quaker Testimonies Quakers’ experience of the Divine affects: • What we do in our personal lives. Quaker Testimonies & Economic Alternatives 8 the way they lived in the larger society, and their individual testimonies have remained a guide to others over the years. Our support of each other in our joys and our sorrows, and in ways large and small is the essence of our lives together. For each testimony, we provide a brief reflection on how it applies to our work at AFSC, relevant quotations from a broad range of traditions, and queries for further reflection. Quaker Earthcare Witness of reciprocity. This world view, once condemned by monotheism as superstition, can 173-B N Prospect Street now be understood in scientific terms as a reasonable representation of the reality of Burlington VT 05401 Earth process. Friends Testimony: The Fruits of Our Faith—The Practice of Our Faith “Whoever desires to see this lovely state, this peaceable kingdom, brought forth in the general must cherish it in the particular.” –Isaac Penington .
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