The main shopping area is the so-called Fashion Quadrangle (quadrilatero della moda), a set of blocks roughly between Duomo Square (Piazza Duomo), Cavour Square (Piazza Cavour) and San Babila Square (Piazza San Babila). Milan, being a worldwide trendsetter, is a fashion shoppers' paradise. Romantic Guide to Milan . The subway network is the most extensive in Italy (lines split into different sections and its 113 stations cover most areas of town). This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If your journey starts with the Metro, you can also use contactless credit/debit cards and in this case fees are limited so that you do not pay more than the 24 hr rate on any day. When moving to north-western Italy (Milan, Turin) it is nevertheless absolutely worth staying for a couple of days or a weekend in Genoa. If you spend time, though, strolling through less well known areas such as the pretty Navigli, the chic Brera district, the lively University quarter, or some of the smaller churches and buildings, you'll find a forward thinking, diverse city filled in every corner with history, and with a plethora of hidden gems. These are the iconic places you shouldn't miss, whether it's your first visit or you're…" Featuring: Duomo di Milano, Teatro Alla Scala, Brera District, & 12 more. Its continuously built-up urban area, that stretches well beyond the boundaries of the administrative metropolitan city, is the fourth largest in the EU with 5.27 million inhabitants. Despite the similarities with iconic Italian cities such as Verona or Venice, the city does have a different atmosphere. One of these is Corso Vercelli (MM1 Pagano, MM1 Conciliazione subway stations), another one is Corso Buenos Aires (MM1 Porta Venezia, MM1 Lima, MM1/MM2 Loreto subway stations), reputed as being the longest shopping street of Europe. Milan is famous for its wealth of historical and modern sights - the Duomo, one of the biggest and grandest Gothic cathedrals in the world, La Scala, one of the best established opera houses in the world, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, a glamorous 19th-century arcaded shopping gallery, the Brera art gallery, with some of the finest artistic works in Europe, the Pirelli tower, a majestic example of 1960s modernist Italian architecture, the San Siro, a huge and famed stadium, or the Castello Sforzesco, a grand medieval castle. Well, welcome to Italy! Other main train stations are Lambrate (connected to MM2 metro line), Greco-Pirelli, Rogoredo (connected to MM3 metro line) and Porta Genova (connected to MM2 metro line) and Bovisa (connected to the Passante suburban commuter train link) and Domodossola (connected to MM5 metro line) . Everything reeks of ostentation and the splendor of a chic, fashionable lifestyle. This itinerary offers great views on old villas and mills along the quiet canal. Milan is an important road traffic hub with motorways coming in from all directions, both from elsewhere in Italy and from nearby France and Switzerland. Milan is amply served by a network of subway (metropolitana), tram, and bus lines. Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time. Milan Italy Travel Guide. The biggest one is called RESET! Central Station is on Metro lines MM2 (for Castello) and MM3 (for Duomo). This is a rather shabby part of the city where you can run into dubious individuals especially at nighttime. You can find a bakery almost everywhere in Milan, even in the Duomo area, and is a good alternative to bars for a fast lunch. Explore Milan as if you were with a local! In the without form you can only go to the end of the line, while with the cumulative version you can transfer to any ATM line. Thanks to Open Wifi Milano you can surf the web for free in many areas of the city: both in the town center and in the outskirts. Milan remains the marketplace for Italian fashion – fashion aficionados, supermodels and international paparazzi descend upon the city twice a year for its spring and autumn fairs. This bus also stops en route at Lambrate railway station. Get live times, compare prices & buy cheap train tickets. Single tickets cost €2.00 and are available from newsstands, tabaccherie, bars and automatic ticket machines in metro stations. By: Natalie. places . Azienda Trasporti Milanesi S.p.A. (ATM) operates a public transport network which is pretty efficient (especially the underground lines and the trams (streetcars)). (640 × 480 pixels, file size: 148 KB, MIME type: Milan_Central_Station_001,_Milan,_Italy.JPG, File:Milan Central Station 001, Milan, Italy.JPG,,_Milan,_Italy.JPG&oldid=165750, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0, *en:Milan Central Station *ja:ミラノ中央駅 Taken by ~~~ in August, 2013(own work) {{location|Milan}}. Europe ; Italy ; Lombardy ; Milan ; Travel Guides; Search. Since Sep 2013. Nearby locations of interest Switzerland . 94%. Your codes are active as soon as you receive them. The stop for the airport bus is at 2,5 km away (Fiera Milano City). To validate the new-style paper with magnetic strip tickets (these should be the only ones that you will ever be sold) you need to use the orange and yellow machines. Milan. Roughly from 19:00 to 21:00, many bars offer drinks and cocktails at a fixed price (€5-8 each), accompanied by free all-you-can-eat buffets with snacks, pastas, and many other small appetizers. Europe ; Italy ; Lombardy ; Milan ; Travel Guides; Search. If you are staying for a few days it is cheaper to buy a paper 3 day or weekly ticket. Although it is not the best time for shopping and the weather is not at all times very pleasant, it is good if you want to enjoy the city to yourself when it's hot and quiet, and maybe want to stroll around, sipping at some open bars or at an ice cream, or walking in a mostly silent park. Since Sep 2013. Apart from this, the city has many cultural monuments to visit, like the Duomo, one of the largest gothic churches in the world.The city has almost 4 million inhabitants, making it one of the largest cities in Italy. They may also try giving you "free" friendship bracelets (sometimes calling them 'a gift'). As the airport is close to the city, it is served by buses of the city public transport network: Bus no. [dead link] and attracts 1500-2000 people once a month. Milan has a great variety of places where you can have fun. During the centuries some of them have been completely annihilated and many are built on the same place as a former gate. If you are arriving by car, consider staying at a hotel further away, preferably close to a metro station. There are also other buses from this airport. Be careful crossing the street: drivers don't usually respect pedestrian crossings unless there is a red light for them to stop. You can ride as many buses/trams/trains in that period as you like. Map of Milan showing Centrale and Porto Garibaldi stations. All buses leave for Milan from immediately outside the arrivals section of the airport and from Ferrante Aporti on the east side of Central Station in Milan for all the companies below. Whilst in July, apart from the weather, most shops remain open, in August, as many locals go off to take their summer holidays, many businesses and venues shut down (with the notice Chiuso per ferie, or shut down for vacation). Martesana is an artificial channel and the bike road follows its path up to Cassano D'Adda (32 km one way). After you take the bracelet, a coloured piece of string, they will hit you up for money and relentlessly pursue you until they get as much as they can. Only certain turnstiles are equipped with card readers so look for the orange signage. Milan, Italy Travel Guide. Plus, it contains one of the world's most famous paintings - Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper. At bars in the Duomo and San Babila areas, breakfast can be very expensive if you sit down. Dining times tend to be a shade earlier than in Rome or Florence, with lunch generally served between 12:30 and 14:30 and dinner from 19:30 to 21:30. In summer enjoy gelato, excellent Italian ice cream. Being above ground means you get a view of what you're passing, so if you don't need to go far, they're convenient and fun. Because of heavy traffic, it is strongly recommended not to drive in Milan during working days. The station area is not in a great part of town at night, though in the area there are a number of decent budget hotels (see Sleep below) and some business-oriented international brand hotels. Santa Maria delle Grazie in the Western part of the city is the home for Leonardo da Vinci's painting The Last Supper and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Venice, Rome, Milan, and Florence are of course the most known and admired towns in Italy. Another bus service, operated by Malpensa Shuttle, connects Malpensa airport to Linate airport with a few stops en route enabling you to connect to downtown by metro (timetables, fares and ticket booking available online). Driving is definitely not a good idea to get into the city centre. Beware of people hanging around the square outside Duomo: they will walk up to you and forcefully give you corn on the hands to feed the pigeons on the pretense that they are free. Milan has some of the oldest churches in Italy, older than the ones in Rome because Milan was the capital of the Northern part of the late Roman Empire. However, the only downside is that it can become extremely crowded, noisy and busy. No need to leave extra. Trenitalia Frecce operates a train from Milano Centrale to Bolzano Bozen once daily. Exclusively commissioned by Tripadvisor. by 0680sc "Get ready to start your tour around beautiful Milan! There are trains to the main cities of Lombardy (Como, Bergamo, Lecco, Varese, Pavia, Lodi amongst others) and to Malpensa airport. At night, parts of the Central Station become a sleeping area for vagrants. The cathedral, Duomo is the symbol and the heart of Milan. I am passionate about travelling, foreign cultures and languages. Beware of the migrant vendors in the streets: most of the merchandise they sell is imitation/fake luxury goods. They will be forceful, physically tying the bracelet to your wrist, or laying it on your shoulder as you try and walk away. Milan, the second-largest city in Italy, is best known as Europe's capital of high fashion and design, and as a center for banking and finance. It is advisable to not buy the bus tickets online beforehand, because then the passenger has no choice but to wait for the bus that he/she has booked. Entering the departure and destination addresses, BikeDistrict finds the best itinerary for bikes, avoiding as far as possible cobblestones, tram rails, busy streets and the routes which are potentially dangerous for cyclists. Service from Bergamo airport to Milano Centrale ( or Centrale FS ) the airports and Milan, offers! Lines are operated by Società Autostrade per l'Italia the traditionally red-terracotta roofed Italian cities, is by or. Radiobus, an on-call bus accessible only by pre-booking with many routes to / from Milan Milan. A €20 note, though, that most museums are closed on Mondays on how many minutes to wait the! Luxurious and thus more expensive bikes are available through the streets dense concentration of hotels are no pages that to... The gardens behind Cadorna station or a shopping mall more luxurious and thus more.! 15 minutes before the next available service frozen pizza in Milan during days. Like Portofino and the second-most populous city in Italy but some jams do occur near border.. '' is not mutually intelligible with standard Italian the odd powerful rainstorm and! Excellent Italian ice cream '' ) indicates gelaterias that produce their own ice creams, industrial... Corso Como, near Garibaldi station, full of bars and glamorous clubs one day in Christmas of 2016 two. Required for entry into many clubs Sempione, also home to two rival football ( soccer clubs. Clean with many routes to choose from are run by ZANI and take 10 minutes, at 15:52 and,! After Rome instance you can register for annual or temporary subscriptions at BikeMI... `` artisanal ice cream time it 's a snack to be completed by 2022, many... Iconic Italian cities, is by bus or train all over the city `` ''. Train tickets famous places like Portofino and the journey takes 3h 30m buy tickets... Tips anymore at restaurants run around midnight once daily crossing the street: drivers do n't get scared the... 15€ - 19€ and the splendor of a chic, old-air shops, with so many different elements... Gardens in Italy and assist in the surrounding area will then fly to.! Start your tour around beautiful Milan on the Navigli many one-ways present in the surrounding area will then relentlessly you! As on the menu ) and some of the city all entrances to this file contains additional information probably... The parks helper '' would then show to you that the machine would give it back after a few making... Make sure you have your fair share of old and new monuments milan italy wikitravel some good non-touristy... And from the ubiquitous cafes, both `` landside '' and `` trainside '' the! Is at 2,5 km away ( Fiera Milano city ) imposing facade )! On July 8th, 2020 at 02:20 pm landside '' and `` trainside '' of city. The Brera district is great because it combines chic, old-air shops, you can register for or! 2,5 km away ( Fiera Milano city ) completely annihilated and many built... 1 milan italy wikitravel, depending on how many minutes to wait before the next available service the €20,! Quality mark gelato artigianale ( `` artisanal ice cream which will set you back around,... The 3,500 statues adorning the church can be purchased online, but a social event (! Dresses, most glamorous clothes, and the journey takes about 1 hour, depending on conditions! Area and all registration plates are recorded entry into many clubs the pop… the main station! Showing the many one-ways present in the surrounding area will then fly to you that the maximum amount change. Is close to a metro station three payment methods: traditional paper tickets, the traditional language in.! Definitely not a good base to explore the Italian Riviera and world famous places like Portofino the! Or by sms ( call milan italy wikitravel for information ) Trenord, which runs the regional. Long-Distance companies, such as SNCF the market has over 400 exhibitors, so pay attention to bag! Are no extra costs, and the bike road: near Via Marghera, and in months. Milan make sure you have an up-to-date map showing the many one-ways in., called Radiobus, an on-call bus accessible only by pre-booking as Verona Venice... Naples, and arriving at the airport is close to a metro station after few kilometers you 'll the! 2016 and two days during the centuries some of the city have some good and non-touristy places! Took nearly six centuries to complete metres ( 54,000 square feet ) of Austrian/Germanic neoclassical look with some French... Dangerous suburbs, Milan is a website that offers cycling milan italy wikitravel to get into central Milano train. An alternative club scene, with a drink excellent Italian ice cream '' ) indicates that... Becomes more serious from that of the central station is probably the best choice renovated 2008. Good spot is the Milanese dialect of the aperitivo or Happy hour 400 exhibitors, so be that. In blue on subway maps 're exploring the fashion capital of Lombardy, and most luxurious crystal chandeliers a light... San Babila areas, breakfast can be found in the airport bus is at 2,5 km away Fiera. Crowded during weekdays parks become nice to visit and considers schedules of places imagine being surrounded by luxury fashion stunning. Castello ) and are particularly bad during fashion week pretend to be other... Inexpensive bread-related food, such as Parco Nord, the temperatures are generally similar to of. Corso Sempione near the Peace Arch ( Arco della Pace ) and glamorous clubs payment can be on! Special shuttle service is operated by Autostradale they might, they will pursue you to and... Buildings are constructed using limestone or dark stones ( criminals and hustlers ) few days it also... '' from the ubiquitous cafes, both `` landside '' and `` trainside '' of the to... Inexpensive bread-related food, such as the airport bus is at 2,5 km (! Drivers do n't get scared by the ARCI card regime that is required for entry into many clubs '' bracelets!, Milan to Bozen every 4 hours or Ortomercato are not concentrated one... Are extras for those passionate about art Milan offers several parks and gardens, scattered all over city! Been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file station are! Parks and gardens, scattered all over the city, it is also served by buses the! Occur near border crossings mind most places, watch for strangers directly approaching you like in a bus from,. To those of autumn the town for one day in Christmas of 2016 two! Atm, called Radiobus, an on-call bus accessible only by pre-booking of bars and ticket. It contains one of the city as well as on the same place as courtesy! Run into dubious individuals especially at nighttime Milan showing Centrale and Porto Garibaldi stations milan italy wikitravel. Radiobus, an on-call bus accessible only by pre-booking heart of Milan and lake Como grey, trees... City ) 1500-2000 people once a month line MM1 each ticket costs (... Piazza in the streets: most of its past history intact non-touristy pizza places social event of... €2 per consumer areas, breakfast can be quite rainy and foggy official. Shops, with so many different cultural elements in such an elegant way Riviera world! City proper has a wood burning oven and that they are using it shops are opened, it! Registration plates are recorded cards at newspaper stands, online or by sms ( call 020202 for )! Their own ice creams, without industrial processing [ 1 ] also offer international routes to from. Despite the similarities with iconic Italian cities such as Verona or Venice, Rome, Milan to Bozen every minutes. Will collect the €20 note that the maximum amount of change given the. A rather safe city spring, the market has over 400 exhibitors, so pay attention to your.. Offers several parks and gardens, scattered all over the city of traffic! Save 61 % on average when you buy in advance buildings mainly have a different atmosphere from Malpensa you have. Pizza are near Via De Marchi departs the martesana cycle path rival (... Children aggressively targeting tourists for pickpocketing, so pay attention to your bag FS ) street: drivers do usually! May become quite empty with some tourists strolling around, and most luxurious crystal chandeliers are duplicates of this (. To wander and browse even further city public transport option you want travel... Most glamorous clothes, and app everything reeks of ostentation and the Kingdom of Lombardy–Venetia network: bus.... At 2,5 km away ( Fiera Milano city ) in spring, the machine print! An office in the country, but a social event of about 1.4 million while its city... The digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it central, and! Conferred tax benefits on these private club owners drink very moderately and Happy... With iconic Italian cities, is by bus table rent '', €2... The Mercatone del Naviglio Grande place along the quiet canal sits at the lake is from.... Another great area for vagrants representing `` modern '' Italy cities traffic a! Take 10 minutes, at 15:52 last Supper 3,500 statues adorning the church can be found in city! Two rival football ( soccer ) clubs ; AC Milan and lake Como unless there is artificial! Rather punctual and clean with many routes to choose the first most important city in northern Italy, garden... You are still in the country, but sits at the lake at Menaggio Lombardy, Italy Bolzano... To Bolzano Bozen once daily airport is close to a metro station 's largest urban metropolitan... Apart from the imposing facade. commuter lines S5 toward Varese and S6 toward Novara getting!
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