Anyone who has ever owned a CD4E for more than 100,000 miles will know that having a “spare” transmission laying around is a good investment. They'll last for a while. Retired 98 Contour SE Sport 2.5 Duratec ATX - Dead transmission @ 235K miles, This is part of the ATX rebuild picture story (by btrautman), from the old CEG. He reversed it out the shop and left it awhile. Fluid is up and red, rpm's go up a bit when selecting reverse and drive. I shifted to Reverse - no reverse engagement. After putting a pressure gauge on the fluid outlet (going to the cooler), I register a big fat z-e-r-o PSI on the gauge. A car that won't back up properly is indicative of several possible problems, some which depend on whether you have an automatic or manual transmission. The first shift happens at about 20MPH, it reaches 4000rpms then switches to 3rd. CD4E Transmission: Inspection Checklist. Coasted to stop. You can. No joy. I wasn't able to locate just the springs but it looks like it's all one assembly. Does anybody know how to replace, or have an instruction manual detailing, the spring assembly? I checked the transmission fluid after letting the motor warm up, and its right at full (actually, about one quart over-full). Being so, I welcome anyone to poke around in my photobucket directory if they so desire. So that 2-4 band could cause the issues reported? I left it in Reverse for 5 to 10 seconds thinking it will engage once the 'air is pushed out from the pump and valve body veins'...and that's when the Check Engine light came on. CD4E Transmission.On this video we see how to disassemble one of this units. SonnaFlow® Chart: CD4E (Normal) September 21, 2003. If I shift the transmission into the first gear position then try to manually shift to the 2nd gear position nothing happens, no change at all. A few weeks back, I picked a 1996 Contour SE With the 2.5L and CD4E (automatic) transaxle. :(. Our CD4E $2200-2500 with a mandatory new torque converter?? My first symptom was no reverse, but I have since found that I am in drive in all ranges, engine is loading up in park, sits still in reverse, cannot push it either, goes forward in neutral, and rest of gears seemed normal, although there was snow on the road and I only went around block and took her up to 40, but engine seemed to shift 1-2-3. Gregg Nader. A few weeks back, I picked a 1996 Contour SE With the 2.5L and CD4E (automatic) transaxle. If I rebuilt it I would put in a new one, but since I live in a small area, 200k population, there would be no viewing of parts on a shelf, more like ordering one online and getting what I get... All times are GMT-5. Either there is a more popular failure that kills forwards gears, or this drum assembly failure of mine is indeed the culprit of all these failures and all of us are screwed because this ain’t fixable. year part no. Notice the neat and orderly springs: Now, this is the FORWARD side of the drum. 273 ill. description qty. Technical help on the following diagnostic trouble codes (DTC's); Seems like I never learn. Park works but no forward or reverse not even limp mode. I'll have to make a trip to the stealership and see if they carry it. That return spring assy sells for about $15-20 from a transmission supply house. if it shifts through gears going forward but will not do anything in reverse it is most likely a bad transmission. SNAP RING, (NEW OEM) REVERSE HUB to FORWARD DIRECT DRUM SHAFT) 1.90" OD X 1.75" ID X 0.35 THICK img#881 Item #D96881: $19.24. This issue stems from a poorly designed CD4E pressure regulator valve, which lives inside the valve body. Car owner should regularly change the oil in the gearbox, and filter elements. No gears at all. A few videos from a recent trip to Nürbergring, a blast on the Autobahn in a Lamborghini Gallardo prototype, my boat, my kid, a blown turbo and a shirtless Eric Estrada with a bath towel (, Spring as it should look, scroll down a bit, Welcome to the Contour Enthusiasts Group, the best resource for the Ford Contour and Mercury Mystique. It is like it is not getting a signal to go into gear. There is a bulletproof part now made but it's hard to find. Ford CD4E - Automatic Choice 558D OD & Reverse Planetary 94-ON 1 CD4EBUS09 NI Servo Pin Repair Bush (Use With TOOL104) 94-ON 1 CD4EBUS10 THRUST WASHERS & BEARINGS Kit Endplay Shim Kit (Sonnax FORD CD4E 4 SPEED FWD WITH LOCK UP (Full … [eBooks] Cd4e Transmission Repair Manual D ... after changing ATF fluid and removing the valve body and installing Sonax control overlap valve sleeves I now have no forward or reverse like its in neutral all the time. CD4E CD4E Automatic Transmission Parts , Transmission Parts Selection . I have checked the linkage and its connected and moving. None of the forward gears were working, but the car still had reverse. CD4E transmission — information about rebuild LA4A-EL. I have a 2002 Chevy Impala LS 3800 series 2 with a 4t65e transmission. I also explain the main issues with this unit as I go along with the tear-down. CD4E Transmission LA4A-EL Transmission While Sonnax makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of technical articles at time of publication, we assume no liability for inaccuracies or for information which may become outdated or obsolete over time. The CD4E is a very hard or more time consuming to rebuild according to a friend at the local transmission shop. I then shifted back to Park and let it sit for a minute. September 16, 2003. The previous owner said it worked just great but then kept dropping to low range. Excellent! All three of the electrical connectors are plugged in, and the shifter mechanism seems to be working correctly since the park pin engages. Also, can somebody please confirm, or deny, if this part can indeed be serviced? I was mowing and starting to go in reverse and it would not go. Thinking the pump was bad, I removed the entire transmission (again) with the though of rebuilding the pump. I did a quick “sniff check” of the dipstick, and the transmission fluid was VERY brown and smelled VERY burnt. Rather than try to explain what it looks like, I’ll simply post some pictures of my discovery: This is the REVERSE side of the drum assembly. Auckland: 275A Neilson Street, Onehunga P.O. No bad noises. I was planning on tearing down the old one prior to picking up a new transmission.. 2002 Ford Taurus has no reverse or forward gears everything I've read says its the torque converter could it be the - Ford 2002 Taurus question ... bad transmission. My mower will not go forward or in reverse when moving the levers forward or backward. When I ask them about the spring assembly, they shake their heads and say “non-serviceable part”. Well, every single exhaust bolt broke in the process of dropping the trans. In terms of design, the Forward planetary gear is considered to be another soft spot of the CD4E transmission. It looks like the part I need is number "210". He then changed the shift solenoids thinking that was the problem. Since this will be a $2500 commuter car for my co-worker, I’m not doing anything fancy. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 6 of 6 Posts. CD4E Teardown Inspection In This video, i teardown a CD4E Trans out of a ford that had no forward movement. If fluid level is adequate, and clean, I would suspect low hydraulic pressure in the transmission, preventing actuation of clutches and bands for gear selection. Compare the old drum against one of the modded ones and the difference in that groove is VERY apparent. Hi - I would check fluid level - and whether the fluid is dirty or overheated - in the transmission first. He came back and then nothing, no gears forward or back. 2008 ford escape cd4e transmission, used, took apart everything looked good, ... hello: I have a2004 ford escape 3.0 automatic trans I had the trans. cd 4 e ford cd4e 4 speed - fwd mazda la4a-el bushings (cont.) After a while, hard parts like the clutch drums can become severely damaged, resulting in no forward/reverse gear engagement. Zip, zilch, nadda, void, null!!! CD4E Transmission - Broken Parts - Torque Conveter codes CD4E Transmission Valve Body Repair Kit Installation, Transgo CD4E Jr. P.S. Part number search was useless, mine had same number as bad oldstyle design right next to it on parts shelf. Ford CD4E transmission failure explained Carnage from a drum explosion in a Ford Contour automatic transmission. It didn’t look intuitively obvious to me. reverse is usually the first gear that goes out . Eventually, I got the new salvaged transmission up into place. I replaced my CD4E transmission in my 2008 Escape (3.0 6 cyl.) Anyway, I bought this car with the intention of “flipping” it to one of my co-workers for a profit. I tore into the original transmission in hopes to figure out why I had no forward gears. At that time it would not go forward either. SNAP RING (used) SNAP RING for REVERSE PRESSURE PLATE This page was generated at 02:12 PM. Needless to say, my one week job turned into two and a half weeks of welding studs and tapping new exhaust holes. I think I’ve figured out why the car didn’t have any more forward gears: I’ve called around to a few different transmission shops, but they only claim to sell the “bare” drum. Going down the road all the sudden I have no forward or reverse gears exactly like mychevz71. Bob Warnke ↑ CV joints good. Is this true? I have kind of a very similar experience going on right now. Don't put a used double drum back in, get a new one. The kit of bushings is commonly ordered for repair of the CD4E transmission. Worn-out bushings in this automatic transmission is the sign of oil shortages and abnormal dynamic loads. It's exactly like it was in neutral. None of the forward gears were working, but the car still had reverse. Thanks for the exploded drawing. My 02 Ford Escape 3.0L CD4E transmission AWD/4X4 has a transmission issue that is baffling me. Like it is in neutral, car will roll forward (by me pushing it) and the rpms get lower. However, to my surprise, the salvage yard sold me a transmission WITHOUT the square pump shaft installed. Whether you need CD4E wiring diagram information, CD4E transmission rebuilders tips, CD4E technical information, CD4E diagnostics, CD4E troubleshooting help, or just answers to your CD4E transmission rebuilders question, the Transmission Rebuilders Network is the place to go! I need SVT cams for a 2.5L. When I started it up I didn't have reverse or drive, but it locks in good in 1 and 2 and will stay in gear when I shift from 2 to drive. You can. Same thing in reverse. The car was (still is) in beautiful condition, but had 180,000 miles and a busted transmission. What could cause that? The car is being built back to OEM specs. I’ve been lurking around for the past few weeks and have finally decided to call for help. It seems I have no 2nd or 4th gear, there is no slipping or shifting into neutral. yesterday, got everything put back together and when I put the car in drive it will not move. Tried reflash since no communication to the PCM from the TSS even though TSS wiring was intact. Phone: 0800 658 899 (64) 9 636 7832 Fax: (64) 9 634 5631 If anyone has a set to sell please PM me. I'll give an example the popular Chrysler Mini-Van ATX transmission which is not noted for long life either only costs $1400 remove, rebuild and reinstall. Bought an '01 ZN Cougar from tow yard with blown motor, swapped engine, snagged harness on alternator stud and AIR pipe on exhaust. I realize this is a rather lengthy first post. Anyway, the transmission is a 5R55E and I changed the forward clutch pack, dis-assembled and cleaned the valvebody and put in a soft parts kit. Forward Clutch Piston New Forward Clutch Snap Ring Location Forward Clutch Pressure Plate "Added" Wave Plate New .170" Thinner Pressure Plate Coast Clutch Steel Plates Coast Clutch Friction Plates "Added" Steel Plate F8RZ-7D483-AA = .058" F8RZ-7D483-BA = .065" F8RZ-7D483-CA = .071" F8RZ-7D483-DA = .078" 1998 and UP Forward and Coast Clutch Drum CD4E Valve Body Identification. I have the entire ATX rebuild picture story if you need it, the post on the old forum lacks images. Generally speaking, reverse shifting problems stem from transmission fluid problems. All times are GMT-5. serviced about a month ago and now I have no reverse. Welcome to the Contour Enthusiasts Group, the best resource for the Ford Contour and Mercury Mystique. No symptons could be detected prior to the issue. I had to look high and low for mine. Like most modern automatic transmissions automatic transmission CD4E require appropriate service. Ford Bypass Converter Clutch Circuits. Never noticed any slipping. Well, it didn’t take me long to confirm that the spring assembly inside the forward drum is wasted. Another Mercury Mariner transmission problem is having hard or harsh shifts, which is usually followed by no forward/reverse function. Even a new one will have very small cracks in it from the forward clutch pressure plate snap ring groove being formed when part was made. Valve Body Xpress. To my utter disappointment though… I replaced a transmission that a perfectly good worked reverse with a transmission that now has NOTHING! Thus was provided durability of the valve body and solenoids. I should have pulled the torque converter out of the transmission when I originally bought the piece, shame on me, but why in the hell did the yard decide to pull the pump shaft out? To extend the life of each remanufactured CD4E transmission, Street Smart Transmission installs a modified PR valve, a PR recalibration kit, upgraded servos, and updated bushings to improve fluid pressure control. The car was (still is) in beautiful condition, but had 180,000 miles and a busted transmission. I was sort of wondering how I was going to put all this back together again. This page was generated at 02:12 PM. Rpms go back up when placed in park or neutral positions. A quick search on Craigslist shows a bunch of these older Contours with no forward gears. Driving and lost forward motion. All the pictures are public and I’ve got a bunch of misc stuff on there. reference no. ? I have all forward gears and the 4x4 also works. Even if only a quart low, or dirty enough to cause transmission valves to stick - it could exhibit this behavior. I guesstimated about a week to pull the old transmission and replace it with a new / salvaged unit. CD4E OD does not downshift out of gear when decelerating, OD light is now flashing, and I can no longer move in forward gears. c240 722.6 transmission no forward and reverse. Box: 13320 Onehunga, Auckland 1643. But no, there was no forward engagement whatsoever. I’m hoping to have everything buttoned up by this afternoon, but with this latest discovery, I’m apprehensive about how long this yard tranny will last. Kit Bush Kit Complete ..... 94-ON 1 CD4E.BK01 NI Sleeve Reverse Drum (Sonnax®)..... 94-ON 1 CD4E.BUS11 550A Reverse Clutch Drum Pump Side (Flanged)..... 94-ON 1 CD4E.BUS05 551A Reverse Clutch Drum Shell Side (No Flange)..... 94-ON 1 CD4E.BUS07 I only hear it shift 2 times. May 19, 2006. After locating a salvaged ’96 Contour ATX from a ghettotastic salvage yard at Grand River and Warren (heart of the ‘hood in Detroit) I started into the project. Hope the pic works. 96556A - Ford CD4E Mazda LA4AEL Transmission Reverse 2 Clutch Drum 1994-On: 96700D: 96700D - Ford CD4E Mazda LA4AEL Transmission Chain 46 links 2 Copper Guides .750" 1994-On: ... 96554C - Drum, CD4E Forward/Direct (Uses 3 Direct Steels .118” Thick) L1998-Up (Forward Clutch Return Spring Has 1 Large Coil Spring) Knowing this, I’m attempting to rebuild the original transmission so I can have a “spare” laying around.
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